Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon

To Brigitte, creating, means returning to Morocco, her native country.Traditional architecture and Berber geometrical patterns, colors, lights, sounds and scents have become catalysts for her art. Painting is a process of reaction. She begins intuitively by setting down shapes.These first brushstrokes are a reaction to the surface and the space she is working with. They become the central voice of her art.Other shapes, stains or lines will respond, provoking new reactions. Her art is the result of its own making.

Brigitte’ work is characterized by vibrant colors that she applies in multiple layers to add depth and texture. In her hands, paints, inks, charcoal or colored pencils intertwine with other media – from  torn pages of old school books to scraps of plastic or bits and pieces of her own clothing, reflecting the force of life.

Born and raised in Rabat, Morocco and Montreal, Canada, she now divides her time between France and the USA where she became an American citizen on September 11, 2001.