Joy Sacalis

Artist, Painter

Trained as a landscape architect, Joy Sacalis has worked as an urban environmental designer, fabric designer, magazine illustrator, and window display artist. She more recently segued to abstract painting to more completely express herself. Her mixed media artwork combines shapes, forms, marks, paper, fabric, and objects in a largely intuitive process of layering and subtracting, welcoming the evolution of the painting. Ms. Sacalis creates work that she views as painted tapestries largely derived from her own emotions, life experiences, and interest in world cultures. The process and ritual of painting is a vehicle to explore identity and the common bonds we share. The juxtaposition of gestural freedom and constructed forms results in work that creates a space where the viewer canĀ ask a question or imagine a story.

Joy works from her studio in Hightstown, New Jersey.

Instagram: @joysacalis

Wonder, 24″ x 24″